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StackOverflow is the worlds biggest library of detailed answers to programming questions. Download all of its 6.8 million answers to 3.4 million questions(*) on your iPhone or iPad. Search and browse through all the questions, answers and comments when you are offline.

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Offline access

Full StackOverflow content is available for offline browsing in a highly compressed format with fully resumable download. Articles load fast from local storage.


Fast full text search

Search through the tags, titles AND text of all questions and answers - as you type. Our powerful micro search engine is optimized for smartphone and tablet apps and helps you quickly find just the question that you were looking for.


Bookmarks and History

Quick and easy lookup of bookmarked questions and recently read questions. Keep track of your favorite content.

Our thanks to the stackoverflow.com community and the StackExchange team for creating what we think is the greatest existing trove of software development knowledge. We think all developers need access to it everywhere. Thanks also to the StackExchange team for making it available in a reusable form through their data dump.

The Stackoverflow data is from the Aug 2012 data dump provided by StackExchange under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA licence. (BTW, StackExchange folks, if you are reading this, please continue releasing fresh dumps!)